The Being a Leader in Your Business and Your Life

"This is not a leadership course about taking charge and getting people to do something.

It is a leadership course where you learn about yourself and discover what is important to other people.  Through this course, I created a context . . . through which I see people in a new light that opens up new avenues for collaboration that were previously impossible.  I highly recommend you invest in yourself and do whatever you need to do to be in this course."

Brant Thomas MD
Lifeway Family Physicians

Regarding Dr. Keith Berger's Leadership Skills

Dr. Berger recently accepted the responsibility to lead our large 36 office, multi-specialty medical group to a sale of our medical building, the Haygood Medical Center.

This group of physicians and affiliated
medical entities was comprised of  groups with conflicting, widely disparate  interests and goals. Keith was able to get these groups to cooperate, develop a consensus, and with a unified voice, to seek a buyer .

On occasions when the various entities were at an impasse during the negotiations , Keith brought things  back to life. He did this by keenly assessing the salient points, the goals of all sides, finding common ground, and guiding the group to the next step.

Keith handled the partnership meetings during the sale negotiations with skill. Every individual felt that they were heard and given respectful consideration no matter how irrelevant, or counterproductive their thoughts were. Everyone with every position felt equally and fairly represented.

When the sale of the building was finally accomplished, everyone on all sides of the sales transaction was pleased with the final outcome, including the sale price and terms. This was accomplished with no hard feelings anywhere; all parties felt that they were winners.

This was no small accomplishment. Until Keith's direct leadership, what to do with this building and this partnership had been the subject of several years of unproductive meetings and fruitless exertions.

Without Keith's masterful leadership, this building would still not be sold, the multiple parties would continue to be at odds, and the partnership would continue to be rigidly and implacably entrenched in immovable positions.

William S. Teachey, M.D.

Haygood Medical Associate. Past President, Virginia Beach Medical Society


Dear Dr. Berger,

In way of a reference I would like to thank you for your help in working through the organizational and personality issues we had here in my company.  Your combination of personal experience, insight and training were exactly what we needed to find solutions where I did not see them. The results of our collaboration are on display every day here now as we have smoother problem solving and a more enjoyable working environment for our entire management team. Again, thank you very much and we will surely stay in touch for future issues should they occur.


Paul Oberdorfer
Vice President
Air-Tite Products Company