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Medical Practice Consulting

• Licensure, Technology, Business Management, Expertise in All Areas of Medical Practice Such As Billing, Insurance, Marketing

• Maximize Efficiency, Revenue, Profit, Quality

• Focus on Service Excellence, Patient/Customer Satisfaction

• Empowering Work Environment

• Integrity

Design and Implement New, Innovative Business Models

• First Office-Based Endoscopy Center in Virginia
• First Dedicated GI Cancer Prevention Center/Open Access  Endoscopy
• One of the First Promoters of Colon Cancer Awareness/Early Detection and Screening in Virginia and the Tidewater Area Resulted in Fewer Deaths from Colon Cancer, and an Enormous Business Opportunity
• First Practice to Utilize CRNA Administered Propofol for Endoscopic Procedures for greater patient satisfaction and comfort, safer, more effective/efficient procedures
• Integrative and Functional Medicine
• Direct Primary Care
• Subscription Medicine
• Concierge Medicine
• Employee Health
• Specialty Direct Care

Business Model Innovation allows you to excel vs. The overall marketplace with greater financial results, less competition, and an opportunity to contribute something to your customers and your area of specialty

Transformational Business Coaching/Consulting/Leadership Development

• Elevate Yourself As a Leader

• Go beyond What Has Stopped You in the Past from Being Effective

• Be More Effective (Less Time, Less Effort with Greater Results) with Your Employees, Colleagues, groups and your patients

• Train and Develop the People in Your Business

• More Effectiveness, Less Effort, More Productivity, More Enjoyment, More Contribution, More Satisfaction

'Future Design'

• Design Your Career Future Based on What Matters to You

• 'Merlin Principle' design from the future backwards

• Gives you a much greater latitude and much greater chance of creating something that is unique, satisfying and productive and that fits your lifestyle parameters

• Productivity = (quality of work + what you are paid)/(amount of time required + effort required to produce at work)

Resource Network

You Get Access To a High Quality Network of Resources--Medical, a Legal, Real Estate, Business, Health Care (Primary Care, Specialist, Patient Advocate, Other Health Areas) Which Is Your Access to Creating and Promoting Your New Business

Option to join GREATHEART Medical Inc.

Primary care and multispecialty PLLC that provides intra- referrals, business and marketing expertise, networking.